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Bad Sketch McFiveMinutes

*Sidenote I made this while very bored excuse silliness plz*
Giant Texas Hog
Texas hogs, or dicynodonts, are one of the most important species in Jurassic South America. Ironically, they're largely extinct in the Northern continents- including in Texas. The giant Texas hog, Magnabestium phaedra ('Overlord of the noble brutes'), is the largest of them all- a four ton titan. Texas hogs coexist alongside other giant herbivores- most notably the sauropodomorphs, including the thunder lizards and pebbled swans. Unlike the more advanced synapsid herbivores, such as the protocattle (the traversodonts), dicynodonts produce many pups and put little care into them- letting them keep up as major players alongside the similarly-productive dinosaurs.
1.) What do you think the future of humans will be like in 10-20 million years(morphology, psychologically, culturally, etc,)?
Probably either absurdly-developed or dead. We'll probably also either become more attractive or just change randomly (although not dying too young to breed), since there's not much to change with.

2. )What's your preferred media to use in art(pencil, paint, digital, etc,)? What kind of media do you want to use?
Pencil, pen and paper. It's hard to use a mouse, and colours are too much like hard work.

3. )If you been asked to go to the moon, would you do it?
I've got a laptop right here. :P

4. )What's your opinion on genetic engineering?
Haven't really got one.

5. )What's your preferred pet of choice?
Out of what I've had, a goldfish. Out of what I want, a blue-tongued skink.

6. )Strigops habroptilus or Apteryx?

7. )What is one of your favourite monster in Greek mythology?
Probably Typhon and his 'OHBEEPWE'REGONNADIE' aura.

8. )What is your opinion on cryptozoology?
Meh, don't pay much attention. Some stuff could be real, some might not.

9. )What is your favourite recent palaeontological discovery(lythronax, The body of Deinocheirus, the "flightless" Pterosaur, feathered Neornithischian, etc,)?
Deinocheirus FTW.

10. )What is your favourite species of Tyrannosaurid?
Lythronax. To be honest, I prefer tyrannosauroids like Eotyrannus, Aviatyrannis and Yutyrannus.



Richard Wilkes
United Kingdom


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Thank you for the favorite and the watch!  Much appreciated.  :)
Randomosaur Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014
Me and Jogorian are trying to get Multiverses Wiki back on its feet again. I contacted Styro about it and he is talking to Ping and Holben about it.

Ping has said that he is OK with returning his creations to the wiki, except the Kerarans, but he might not be able to contribute.
Heytomemeimhome Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014
What do you think of Man after Man:an anthropology of the future ?
Heytomemeimhome Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
Hey what happened to that flailing shellfish drawing?
ELLYsZOOTYCOONER Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014
I tend to have a couple of drawings that I do during schooltime, and then a bunch of finished ones that I scan and put up here when I've got enough drawings. I think I've got the shellfish and a bioengineered alien death machine that are mostly finished, and two herbivorous birds to start before I'll scan them all.
Randomosaur Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014
Any chance you could send this to Faa?…
Heytomemeimhome Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014
Darn it. I'm sorry I missed your bit day *offers conciliatory hug* .
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Happy birthday 1st Emoticon: Happy Birthday 
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